The sole purpose of data collection is to answer significant research and evaluation questions about directions, patterns, outcomes, predictions, and trends. Data collection is a systematic method of gathering and measuring information related to an area of interest.

How data is collected is just as important as the data itself.  You can have all the data in the world, but if the data are not collected properly then it is useless.  As well, the integrity of the data is crucial too.  If the integrity of data is compromised, the information may be false.  Take an assessment as an example.  A hundred students are tested, half of the students are in a classroom with hints and clues on the wall, while the other half are in a different room with bare and clean walls. Clearly the testing environment was not the same or fair across both groups, thus, the outcomes are at risk of not being valid or true (unless that was the intent of the study per se).

PDC provides professional data collection services. We have trained professionals, who are experts in developing valid and reliable data collection tools. Deciding on the correct data collection method is critical to gathering accurate information to address your research/evaluation questions. Because asking the correct questions are a critical part to your data collection, we will work with you to develop the appropriate questions to ensure you are receiving the information you need. Well-constructed questions will give you reliable data that you can use.

PDC Data Collection Services include (but not limited to):

Data Collection MethodDrivers
Climate or engagement
Customer satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Feedback, reactions and opinions
Stakeholder or participant perspective
Event EvaluationsConferences
Professional Development
Small groups
Focus GroupsAdvertising
Marketing research
Open-ended feedback
Pilot research/study
Product impressions
Special cases
ObservationsCase study
Needs AssessmentsGaps/Deficiencies