What does it mean to interpret something?  The word ‘interpret’ means to explain, to construe or understand in a particular way.  That is the essence of what data interpretation is all about.  The ability to explain and understand data analysis in a distinct matter. Data analysis is useless if in the end you cannot make any determination about what the findings are telling you.

Once data is analyzed and presented in tables, graphs and charts, a trained eye may be needed to articulate and manipulate portions of the information. Data interpretation is simply the process of translating the data presented into a language the end user can comprehend.

Regardless of the type of data collected or the analysis completed, the purpose, or industry, all data analysis demand human intervention to interpret the results.  Interpretation is key to driving change. Careful interpretation will help you avoid making unsupported assumptions, coming to invalid conclusions, and from focusing on the wrong things. Accurate interpretations can lead to new insights and new directions. What good is having any type of analysis if in the end, you don’t know what it means?

Thus, PDC Data Interpretation services go hand-in-hand with our data analysis services. Interpreting the data is Part 2 to our data analysis.  We will examine the data to:


  • Review the results
  • Find meanings
  • Make judgments about what is evident
  • Ask (new) questions
  • Draw conclusions